7 little-known steps for the woman who has survived toxic life experiences to get unstuck, find joy, and thrive.

Learn the steps countless women 
have taken to move beyond 
surviving to thriving.

How to Create a Life You Love After Surviving 

Intimate Partner Violence, Abuse, & Trauma.


(As a Queen. In Fact.)

“You deserve to MOVE FORWARD into the new life you thought you’d have — but without the paralyzing fear that you’ll never truly get there."


  • Earning a living in a vocation you love that is fulfilling and financially rewarding 
  • Feeling vibrant and healthy in mind, body, soul, and spirit
  • Having a safe authentic network (virtual and irl) and connections with high-value people who support and inspire you
  • Parenting intentionally with the aim of raising emotionally healthy conscious children

When you made choices in the past, you wanted only the best for yourself (and your children), but things haven’t worked out as you’d wanted.

It's Not Your Fault!

You see, for many of us our early life experiences did not equip us with self-awareness and the emotional insight needed to identify and connect with emotionally healthy people/situations. Mainstream education and society do not teach the importance of choice, boundaries, and emotional intelligence. You’ve had to rely on trial and error, trying so hard to gain love/acceptance, and mistakenly falling prey to unhealthy relationships/situations. 

But, what if you’ve fought so hard to get out and get free and have come so far from all you survived, 

and yet you just 
KNOW you deserve more?

What if you need to move forward now?

You may have even taken matters into your own hands by moving to a 
new city, state, or even country — for a fresh start.

You might have even had therapy, read loads of self-help books, joined 
groups/forums, and attended seminars/workshops.


But, you seem to be spinning your wheels in the same spot


Your dreams and goals look farther and farther away 


You work so hard and are exhausted at the end of each day 


Your needs and responsibilities are becoming more overwhelming despite your best efforts


You feel like you are merely existing and not truly living 


You wonder what else to do to get unstuck, despite your choice to get a fresh start.

Believe me, I know what it's like to be broken, insecure, and unstable; I fully understand your pain.

And, I know you can thrive and create a life you actually love without …

  • compromising the progress you’ve made
  • forgoing your dreams and aspirations
  • taking years to reach your goals
  • wishing you could rewrite history 
  • giving up your newly-won freedom


 The  Survivor to Queen 7-Step program for the woman who has survived intimate partner/domestic violence, abuse, or trauma to get unstuck, find joy, and thrive. 

What's Inside

Step 1

Meet your Queen

Clarity on who you've always been

Step 2

 Get Unstuck and Get started

The Empowered Mindset

Step 3

 Finding Joy 

Self-awareness and mastering your emotions

Step 4

Self-love Discovery

Falling in Love With Queen You

Step 5

 Choosing Safely

Essentials of Authentic Connection + Love

Step 6

 Cultivating Resourcefulness  

Raising your EQ

Step 7

Building Resilience

Sustaining growth and transformation 

So, why get the Survivor to Queen™ program from me?

Hello dear Queen! I'm Florence. Friends, colleagues (and their kids!), and clients call me Dr Flo. And I see you! Here's why:

 💛  I know that recovery can go way beyond surviving, you can thrive. I know because I did it - with tons of support! I've lived through losing my first-born, overcoming chronic illness, and thriving after an unsafe marriage.

💛  Many women have done the same regardless of age, nationality, education, and background. You can do it too!

💛 As a mom, doctor, and educator, I use my training and personal experience to show you simple tools with actionable steps to take now and start seeing changes in your life; I can show you how!

My background is in medical practice, education, and cancer research and I am passionate about creating resources that help women thrive!  

Florence Ene (MBBS, Ph.D.)

Why the Survivor to Queen Program?

Here's what people are saying about my work

Dr. Flo is not all talk or claims, she really is "on call" and always ready to offer practical advice to support you in thriving. More importantly, she comes from a good place as she can identify with my struggles. I strongly recommend any package/resource she offers.

-Dr.  T. H.  (Tokyo, Japan)

Dr. Flo has already helped a multitude of individuals that were once in pain and are now Thriving Queens! She has taken a giant leap forward by offering this to the public. I highly recommend it.

-Joe DiChiara CPA, Business Coach, Serial Entrepreneur  (Flushing, NY)

"Our discussion, your guidance, and advice have helped reshape my path completely as I transition from active clinical practice to other lucrative functions though still in the health and development sectors. The recommended resources are being exploited with much gains! Grateful for your service."

- V. N. Khumbah, MD (Dakar, Senegal)

You're ready for this program if you're…


Eager to start ticking items off your list of goals


Keen to create a whole new life for yourself


Motivated to take responsibility for yourself and ownership of  your circumstances


Passionate about breaking free 


Willing to take charge of the narrative of your life


Ready to learn new ways of being 

Here's your next step, I'd love for you to take it. 

Learn the High-value Skills of Thriving as a Queen: 

The Survivor-to-Queen Program 

 Pay What You Wish

Choose your Price

Will this system really work? If you give it the required commitment , dedicate time to apply what you learn, and follow through with the action steps, Yes! definitely, it works if you do!

How much is it and how can I pay? After our first call, you can choose to pay whay you wish , if you can. Payment  is via PayPal or Stripe with payment plans too.

How long is this program? We will go through all 7 steps over 3 to 6  months, at your convenience and your pace. 

When can I access this? You get immediate access to the  materials according to your personal schedule via the membership site.

Is there a private  FB group? No.

I've never been in a group  program before. How does this work?

Members are vetted to ensure all on the same page,  the program is a fit, and that we can work together. You can also choose private one-on-one sessions.

This looks like a lot of work. I’m so exhausted/too busy.

I understand💯.  And, this is "heart work"; it gets easier as you go, I promise. It's also  a safe supportive space. There is no due date. You work at your soul's pace. 

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